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VARATHAMANATHI DAM – 11 KM FROM PALANI : Varathamanathi Dam is located at a of about 7 kilometres from Palani. The Dam comes on the way to and has become a famous picnic spot today. The dam has various entertainment activities especially for children. The spot can be reached by bus from Kodaikanal. If you are travelling with kids, it is recommended to add Varathamanathi Dam to your travel plans. This will ensure that the kids get some entertainment.
KUTHIRAIYAR DAM & FALLS – XXX KILOMETERS FROM PALANI : The Kuthiraiyar Dam Falls can be reached by trekking about a kilometre from Kumbai. The locals can help the travellers reach the place, and the waterfall is situated right behind the dam. The dam and the trekking route offer travellers with an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Kuthiraiyar Dam Falls is located close to Pappampatti and is one of the most sought after attractions of Palani.
THIRU MOORTHY HILLS, DAM & TEMPLE – 56 KM FROM PALANI : It is situated 50 Kms from Pollachi and 20 kms from Udumalpet on the highway from Palani to Coimbatore. Thirumoorthy temple is situated at the foot of the hill adjacent to Thirumoorthy Dam. Importance of this temple is three Moorthy Idols originate in same place. A perennial stream flows by the side of Sri Amaralingeswarar temple and nearby there is Thirumoorthy falls. It is also believed that a few years ago Athari Maharishi along with his wife Anushiya devi lived here. Progressed by their prayer, Lord Shiva together with Brammah and Thiru Moorthigal(Vishnu) came in disguise to test their devotion. Beleaguered by their appearance the couple offered them tribute.
KODAIKANAL – 63 KM FROM PALANI : Kodaikanal is a beautiful and picturesque hill station placed in the Palani hills in the Western Ghats. The town also has been christened as the Princess of hill stations due to its scenic beauty and popularity. Situated in the Dindagul district of Tamil Nadu, the town is atop a plateau at the height of 2133 m above sea level. The town of Kodaikanal lies between the valleys Parappar and Gundar.
TOPSLIP – 100 KM FROM PALANI : Topslip “The pollution free heavenly land” Topslip is located above the 800 feet from the sea level on the Anamalai mountain range. It stands majestically with Green Spread Mountains and forest all around. The unique teak forests, Bamboo Forest also located near Topslip. Reaching Topslip from Palani via (Pollachi) and then by road to Top Slip (35 km), the entry point to the Park.